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Our Rules of Play are in place for the safety and comfort of ALL visitors.

Anyone found to be ignoring these rules

will be asked to leave the venue.

Please keep your children under control as unruly behaviour

may just spoil everybody's day!!

   GENERAL ADMISSION FEES  -   October 2023 


(Each session lasts for 2 hours - All bookings are subject to our Terms & Conditions

available at the point of booking.

All visitors must observe our Rules of Play - available throughout the centre.


There is a small charge for all Adults and Over 11's visiting our play centre.

Please note that Adults & Over 11's are only to enter the equipment to assist young children.

We ask you to remember that Tumbles is a children's soft play centre and

NOT an adult/teen play area. Fees charged for adults and over 11's are

contributed towards current excessive overhead costs.

ALL adults and over 11's will be charged for entry without exception.

1st (Main) Adult  -  £2.00

Additional Adults/ Over 11's  -  £2.00 each


0 - 6 months  -  £1.75

7 - 11 months  -  £2.25

1 year old  -  £2.75

2 year old  -  £3.75

3 year old  -  £4.50

4 year old  -  £5.25

5 year old  -  £5.75

6 to 8 year old  -  £6.50

9 to 11 year old  -  £7.50


Priority entry will be given to advanced bookings. 

We will only accept walk-in visitors for sessions

that are not fully booked.

If you are struggling to book online, please call us on 01457831000.

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